Adding Value to POB

I have been thinking

There are a few things missing on POB. Both of which are very important to building a flourishing ecosystem that people want to be a part of. One of them @amr008 brought up in their post from last week about POB needing to have a lottery implemented. The other thing that is missing is a diesel pool.

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Easy enough to implement

The easy thing to do would be to make a proposal and ask for a certain amount of POB tokens to get these things set up. I plan on doing this... but I wanted to bring this up to the community to see what some good ways to proceed would be.

First up, Diesel Pool

Cost: 1000 Bee ($250 ish)
Plus liquidity on both sides.

I am assuming the best pool to set up would be a swap.hive/pob pool. In order to get this pool up and running, there would need to be the BEE required and some initial liquidity.

I think that we could have a decent pool set up with 2000 POB paired with whatever equals that in HIVE. (it is pretty close to 1:1 at the moment).

That said, in order to get a good diesel pool up and running, we would likely need somewhere near 5000 POB from the @pob-fund or @proofofbrainio to get the pool started.

Benefits of a Diesel Pool

This is just another way to exchange POB. I think it adds value to the project. Hive is able to be traded all over the place. More ways to trade POB and to turn it into your favourite crypto (other than POB of course) would be a good thing. It also allows more access to POB from other crypto projects. The Hive-Engine market is small, with low liquidity and has lot's of bots messing with the price. A Diesel Pool would help settle that and get us a more stable price I would think.

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The Lottery

I have been thinking about this for a week. I haven't posted as I have been contemplating what this can look like. My favourite idea is to take a page from @shortsegments project, "the no loss lottery." I would like to take the "investment" portion of it out and make it a random drop to an active user of the POB front end.

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What does it look like

I would like to see a pool of POB go into CUB finance and stay there. Likely in the CUB Kingdom where it is safe and the transaction fees will be paid for by the liquid BNB rewards. The lump sum will not get touched and the profit each month will be dropped as a lottery to a lucky front end user. How this is done is not my forte, but someone will be able to come up with a nice, fair, random way to reward active users on the POB front end.

As a bonus, once the initial POB is sold off to LEO to bridge to CUB, there will be POB buying pressure every month to award the lucky POB'er some POB tokens.

Let's talk prize numbers

As it stands, if we had $1000 locked up in the CUB kingdom, the rewards without touching the initial sum would add up to around $70. That is not a lot, but I wouldn't mind winning $70. It would be a good start. The beautiful thing about the lottery is that it would be a sustainable, long term (albeit fluctuating) prize that could run as long as CUB and POB run (hopefully past my time here).

How to accomplish this.

The easiest way to get the initial funds for the front-end lottery would be to set up a proposal and get funds for it. 3000 POB would likely get us pretty close to where we want to be to get the lottery fund fully funded (or at least initially funded - we can always grow as we go).

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Alternative to a successful proposal

I have been thinking about the burnposts that @madstacks was running. We could run a post similar to the burnposts, but for development of projects such as the 2 that I listed above. If there was a lot of support, we could likely have enough POB tokens to get a diesel pool and fund a lottery fund in a month or 2 (with daily seed posts well supported). With that said, there would need to be support from the tribe whales otherwise it would not be worth it.

There is currently 17,000 POB in the POB fund. Perhaps an initiative like this would be in order to get these projects (and others) off of the ground. With the two projects that I am planning on proposing, I am looking for (pretty much) HALF of everything in @pob-fund. In order to build a great platform, there needs to be much more in there.

The point of this post


This is all about coming together as a community and getting some things done that should be done. I am tagging @dcooperation in this post, as I want this to be a collaborative effort.

What do you think about getting a Diesel Pool? Should I write up a proposal and get the ball rolling on it? Is there something that I didn't think about that should have us questioning moving forward with it? Is Swap.Hive/POB the ideal pair? Should be have a LEO/POB pair instead? How about both? (It would double the cost... might be worth it).

How about the lottery idea? We can likely come up with a really cool way to pick a winner. There needs to be some minimum criteria for activity on the front end, perhaps a small minimum stake amount as well. We don't need to go off of POB to seed the prize. I like it as opposed to following a trail or delegating to a dividend providing project because it will be buying pressure on the market forever. One purchase per month guaranteed, like clockwork. It need not be that way.

How about the daily project fund posts? Is that taking away from the POB concept or is it using our brain to build better infrastructure? Should it be implemented immediately? Should it never be implemented and never talked about again?

I have no problem managing both of these projects. If everyone shows confidence and provides a bit of input on the direction these things should go, I will push them forward. So please... put in your two cents.


Please have your say. I want to feel confident that these projects will add value to the platform. I also want to feel that the direction of these projects was a community decision as opposed to one that I made. If I get a thumbs up, I will do what it takes to get them done.

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