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Hello Hive community subredditors. I am a new user. Here is the place to thank projectmamabg, which brought me here.
Every beginning is hard, but when you have the desire to learn you can find the time for it.


I work in a kindergarten in the city where I live in. I love children they have touchingly pure souls. Children's love is as pure as the morning dew.

More of my day is at work, but I find time to be here too. As my sponsor always finds time for me and projectmamabg.


He gives me useful information about things I have missed. Time is the greatest gift we give to someone. I am a stubborn person and I love to achieve my goals. Self discipline is a quality we have to organize ourselves.

I also want to participate in the program for newbies. I want to learn new things that I don't know. I want to find new contacts with people who can and know more than me. I want to improve my publications and the comments to them, I want to have and to create better engagement in the platform. I hope to be approved and move forward with more knowledge.


My current HP is 54 and my reputation is 53.

I want to thank you for the chance to be part of this program. Everybody can check the publication about the newbie initiative from here.


Thanks for visiting my blog!

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