My Hive Highlight πŸŽ‰

Been here for a couple of months now, not so much of a newbie.
I'm motivated by @guiltyparties to share my highlights on Hive so far.

My Hive highlight is being on Hive, literally.
Sounds clichΓ© but that is a hive goal I've been able to achieve.

Been hearing so much about hive from the corners and I envied guys who could hold conversation about the block chain and NFTS and tokens and there's me just wondering what they are about.

Being on Hive brought me steps closer to understanding those concepts, though baby steps.
I now hold tokens, by just getting rewards for something I do casually.
I get to read about people, culture and important life lessons on the block chain.

I mean, I can contribute when people talk about crypto, I have some Hive token!😊

I've mentally travelled to different locations by just reading through the timelines, scrolling through photography posts and tried my skills on some contests.

It makes me really happy and gives a sense of fulfillment when I do these on Hive, especially for someone who deals with procrastination a lot.

I have goals for 2022 already, and I'm looking forward to have more and amazing highlights on Hive.


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