What Does Pob's Rich List Really Tell Us?

I had the opportunity to join the rich list twice, and I must say that it didn't make much difference to me, but it made me reflect on the following question: How many people on this list really help the POB community to develop?

Because, honestly, what's the point of buying a lot of POBs or making a lot of stakes if you distribute them minimally? If you don't do a single contest or if your curatorship is poor?

How many people on this rich list are doing something for the POB and not just for themselves?
Sorry if the questions sound a bit harsh… But I can count on my hands the people who have already created and are actively creating possibilities due to their voting power.

It's my invitation to the rich list, do something meaningful with the voting power you have, create contests, make a curatorship of respect or Pob will stop making sense.

To me, the rich list just means that a lot of people can do something about the spread of Proof of Brain, but they just don't.


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