The sea is my therapy.

Nature in general fulfills this role of the therapist in my life.

If you feel bad and can't find a way out of your emotional problems, and you can't get out of negative states on your own, you should go to a psychologist. However, if you think you can take the hardships of life a little longer, I advise you to run to the sea.

Or the river, or even the forest, it doesn't matter! Go breathe some fresh air and integrate with those who have been on this earth longer than any human being and animals: Nature.

Sometimes we live an insane life in the stone jungle and we may even wonder why we feel so bad... And sometimes the answer is simple: You can't be in the same place too long, hanging out with the same annoying people! You need to take a walk, you need to breathe fresh air, and if you can, do it every week! I'm absolutely sure you'll feel better.

In nature we can find the remedy for any illness we have, be it physical or emotional.

So enjoy! Don't choose to be sick, the answer is simple, you just need to act.


Today I went for a walk on the beach, and I feel renewed, and I can say that I feel much better about myself.

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