Tell the story of your tattoo and win a pob prize.

How the human mind is sometimes unpredictable. I was thinking about what to write today when I stopped to look at my tattoo to see if it was hydrated. Until the idea came to me ‘’I'm going to do a lightning contest about tattoos!’’ And here I am. LOL

I've always liked tattoos a lot, although it took me a long time to made one because my parents were strict about it and besides, I spent a long time looking for something that meant so much.

I only got my first and only tattoo at 27 years old… Which is how old I am today, so it's been less than one year since I've been tattooed. I really want to do another one, but I'm still not sure what I want to get tattooed on, I just hope it doesn't take me 27 more years to make up my mind.

What I have tattooed on me is this symbol:


It's a reinterpretation of a Mayan symbol called Akbal. In short, this symbol represents who I am in essence. It's my Kin Mayan, it's like an astrological sign, but Kins are much more complex and full of deep meanings, one day maybe I'll start writing about it.

And about you? What's the story of your tattoo! Worth a surprise prize!

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