Roses from my backyard + reflections on repressed desires.

How to completely dissolve a desire? It's easy when it's a simple desire to eat a chocolate cake, or the desire to travel. We can go to the bakery for example and satisfy our desire for cake. As for travel… If we don't have money, we get distracted by other things, we deal with reality and forget, or we work to be able to travel, or we simply go when we can.


But when it comes to something deeper? Something that looks like you were born with? Something that is in your flesh and in your eyes? How to completely get rid of such a desire? Maybe some of you think about God, maybe even suggest it in the comments. But, I need something to be completely clear: Yes I do believe that God is powerful enough to do anything, but you and I both know that certain requests we make just aren't fulfilled, or maybe we don't deserve it yet. Yes, God can fix everything, but does he really want it? There are things in life that we simply have to go through, and this seems to me the most logical answer.

However, the fact that it is logical that we have to go through something does not mean that it is easy for us to accept it. It hurts to accept going down a path we would not like. “What if you simply chose another path?” You might ask. ‘’What if you choose to do what you want?’’ And I ask you: Should I choose what I want to do even if it means hurting on some level the people who matter most to me?

Should I?

Sorry about that, but I needed to get those words out, or they would swallow me up.


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