POB ART CONTEST IS BACK! Check out the changes.


Finally, after a hiatus of over a month, I'm coming back with the art contest. Important changes were made for this new stage of the art contest, and I'm sure these changes are positive for all those who love art and like to earn some pobs.

The main change is that now the PAC will be daily. Yes, this will possibly give me a little work, but I am willing to dedicate myself daily to making the PAC happen daily.

Every day there will be PAC posts, but each day will be about a different artistic theme. Example: one day the theme will be dance, the next it might be cinema, the next it might be paintings and so on.

People will have to give their art suggestion in the comments according to the day's theme. Only one suggestion can be made. But people can and should get involved with other people's art suggestion. Because both your art suggestion and your genuine involvement will make you score points.

Example : Your art suggestion is worth up to 1 point, the text that will accompany your suggestion can be worth 1 to 4 points. The more you talk about your art suggestion, what it makes you feel, etc. The higher your score can be.

In addition, engaging with other comments will also score points; the more interesting your comments, the higher your score can be. You'll earn a maximum of 2 points for each well-produced comment, if your comment doesn't add any value, you'll earn zero points.

But after all, what do these dots mean? After 10 days of daily contests, whoever scores the highest in the pob art contest will win 100 POBS!

Sounds like a great prize doesn't it?

And this great prize is thanks to PAC sponsor @scholaris. Thank you so much again @scholaris for your interest and generosity in helping me produce this new stage of the new Art contest. You're awesome and the more I talk to you, the more I'm sure how amazing you are.

Thank the man guys!

When does the art contest really return?

On Monday, without a defined time, I will publish the first post of a new stage of the contest. Stay tuned! I wish you all good luck and for you to prepare to start, I will reveal what will be the first theme:

MUSIC.png All images used were taken from unsplash and from the canva and edited by me on the canva.

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