News about the POB ART CONTEST result.

Guys, I'm very happy with your participation! Seriously, you guys were awesome! The biggest proof of this is how much work it is for me to calculate the points. (lol)

When the contest was almost in the and, we won a new entrant, @wongi! Welcome to the @wongi contest, your participation was amazing. Also after a few posts, we had the back from @funshee. Also, @moon-city asked 3 days ago if I could still participate and out of respect for people who still want to participate and haven't had time in the last few days, I decided to leave the contest open until the seventh day of the last theme, in which I will give the result.

So, I ask the participants a little more and patience for me to disclose the result, let's give one more chance to those who still want to participate in the contest?

However, in the next issue, maybe I'll limit the time you can comment on a topic, maybe it's an interesting idea.

So, in 5 days we will know who will be the big winner of the fifth edition of the Pob Art Contest.

A little spoiler: For now, the difference between first second and third place is 4 points, and that's crazy!

Good luck to everyone once again, and thank you very much.


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