My dog ​​came home! One of the most beautiful moments in my life.

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Yesterday at around 9 pm I heard my brother call me very excited and when I opened the door to my house, he had my little dog in his arms! It was a moment of extreme happiness, neighbors came running to see, my dog ​​was visibly happy and also quite exhausted.

What an incredible relief I felt to see her, and no doubt her coming home helped to renew my faith. After four days without being able to sleep properly, I finally did and today I woke up super late.

My dog ​​is fine, despite being very tired. She's thinner than usual, and I can tell her paws are a little frayed, so I imagine she's been walking a lot these past few days. But, thank God the storm has passed, and now we are going to take care of her so that she recovers as soon as possible.

My brother was talking to friends in front of one of them's house here on my street when he noticed she was walking up the street, he called her and she ran towards him! I don't remember the last time I was as happy as yesterday.

Stopping to reflect, I remembered an excerpt from a song I've always liked a lot:

‘’And I ask him if his life is ever lonely and if he ever feels despair, and he says he's learned to love it 'cause that's really a part of it and it helps him feel the good times when they're there. ‘’

Maybe for most of my life so far I've been a melancholy and somewhat serene person most of the time, but without a doubt when happy moments come to me I experience them with intensity and gratitude.

Thanks to everyone who cared and believed I would find her! Glad to share with you that everything went right!

Listen to this beautiful song to which the passage I wrote belongs.

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