I haven't found my dog ​​yet, but I have found empathy and kindness in people.

The fact that my dog ​​got lost has awakened a sense of community in my neighborhood. People are really sensitized and mobilizing wherever they can to find her. This fact comforts my heart, though hope brings some pain; because so many people are paying attention, it is common that there are many false alarms. Today there were 4 false alarms, we went to see 4 dogs that in the end was not mine.

We've already looked a lot. We left the house in the morning, noon and night to look for her since she disappeared. It's beautiful to imagine that at some point when we cross the corner we will see her and have a happy date with lots of crying, kissing, and laughing. But then comes desolation when after another day of searching we don't find it.

Tomorrow will be the fourth day without her. Right now it's making me want to cry again. But life has to go on… We're not going to stop looking for it but we know we're doing everything in our power, now it's up to God and the universe. What will be, will be.


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