Constancy is what brings results, but it is not natural.

Have you ever noticed that in life we ​​are always being asked to be constant people?

We are asked to be emotionally constant, to be constant in our activities whatever they are, be it physical activity or something related to work. Here at POB we charge ourselves to be constant in content production.

In the internet world if you are not constant you cannot make money. A youtuber will never see your channel grow if it's not constant, in hive you'll never be recognized if it's not constant, in a job in real life you also need to be constant, if you don't, get fired.

But nature is not constant. Or would it be better to say that nature is constant in being fickle? Everything around us is changing all the time; a simple breeze passing through a tree makes some leaves fall; the waves of the sea coming and going are never the same; grains of sand aren't either. And if you close your eyes now and imagine a river, you will see that the current does not allow it to be one, its waters are always changing, although it is the same river, the only constant thing is its current.

I haven't been writing every day here at POB for a week or more. I haven't written because real life has called me more strongly for the tasks that it requires, besides, I don't have any ideas for posts and I'm not charging myself about it. I am allowing myself to live the natural way without fear of giving in to the non-constant flow of life. I'm noticing what this decision to not be constant takes me to. Of course I won't be irresponsible as I have bills to pay, lol

But in the last days I want to be like the waves of the sea, like the wind and like a river that is never the same, although it is still a river.


Please listen to this beautiful song that talks about a river...

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