IAAC #94 Making french fries

Hey yall I hope everyone is having a great day enjoying their life while staying safe and healthy.
and don't forget to take care of your loved ones.

so as some of you might know that I love to eat fast food AKA fat food that was a joke so light a little.

I thought of eating some french fries after seeing an ad on tv I wanted to eat it so badly but damn lockdown won't allow it that's why I thought of making them at home.

I had the ingredients like potato, species, and tomato ketchup after cutting potatoes and sprinkling flour and spices on them I fried them until they look a bit crispy. it might be a good idea to sell them locally you know like a food stall
it's good to have skills cause they don't let you down until you are no more

anyways take care of yourself and your family peace @aiovo

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