I interviewed @victoriawhitime! | Diving into the Cryptoart & NFTs topic for a comission

I've always believed in Hive's power as an original content platform, professional network and new way of doing business; so when I got comissioned an article/interview about an artist, I instantly thought of a Hive member whose artworks I find really awesome.

Somewhere nice by @victoriawhitime on @nftshowroom

Since last year I've been trying to go full freelance with my copywriting, but like everything, it isn't easy at the beginning and it takes time. As I told you before, it was thanks to Hive that I started writing seriously, before finding this platform I would have never thought of writing the articles and essays I've done so far; as I said, the monetary rewards was a great incentive, and now I'm grateful that incentive led me into finding a vocation and something I really like and enjoy doing. Thus, in the middle of 2020 chaos and having in mind the good reception my texts had in this community I decided to follow my copywriter and content creator dream.

I decided to start my freelance journey, to take writing even more serisously now with the hope that one day I might have a decent life by me being my own business. I dusted off my portfolio and Fiverrr profile (still waiting for Hive's Fiverrr too!) and offered to make some texts; I haven't made many but what matters to me is that I've made and my portfolio is growing, slowly, but growing after all. Also, I've been improving my skills with some online courses and self-teaching myself some marketing, I'm looking forward to build my own website soon and create a funnel so I can get a decent flow of customers. Slow but definitely going there!

So, I got this comission where I had to interview an Argentinian woman who is an artists, chef, writer, designer (etc.) or entepreneur that owns a business, and then write an up to 1800 words article about her story. I was supposed to interview her at her place or studio/workplace and take some photos since the idea was to show her environment and space in order for there to be a really intimate mood in the post, but as soon as Victoria told me she didn't live in Buenos Aires, we had to do it via Zoom call. After my employer confirmed she was ok with a Zoom call interview and Victoria providing photographic material for the article, we were ready to go.

The interview lasted almost 3 hours but it was awesome.

It was my first interview ever (making one, lol) and of course I was afraid of having technical difficulties as well as saying something in the wrong way, but besides the bad time management everything went smoothly. Not only I had the chance to meet and have a nice converstion with an awesome artist but also to reflect on a topic that has been going around in my head for quite a while and that I decided to talk about once I was given this opportunity; employer wanted an uncommon story and I saw my chance there, I remembered one Argentinian artist I follow on Hive and thought Why not? lol.

Since the boom of NFTs started last year I've found myself often thinking about the big paradigm change they propose and are actually bringing, I think there's no doubt that NFTs are changing the way art is perceived, sold, and even owned, but what I think it makes the topic stick to my mind is that it's also a weird phenomenom that tells a lot about abstract concepts and how human brain works. So, it was really a nice experience to talk about this with an actual digital artist.

Employer was Le Gist magazine, a new digital magazine from London that is focused on culture, business and lifestyle; a blog that seeks to inspire through curious women's real stories. When I got consulted for this work I really got excited to collaborate in a magazine like this, the kind of magazine I like to read the most and to me an ideal place to express some of my thoughts on the cryptoart and NFT topic as well as sharing amazing art just for the love of it (and low key promoting Hive too, lol)

If you want to read the interview just click the wave 👉 🌊

Feel free to tell me what you think of it! I'd love to have some feedback and others' view on this topic. Also, I want to thank @victoriawhitime for collaborating with me and letting me interview her for this comission, so I'm giving her half of rewards from this post.

Thanks for reading till here and I hope you enjoy the reading! :D

🌊 ailindigo 🌊
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