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I often get questions from seminar participants and followers, "What is an effective promotion for stylish products, bro?"

hmmm... I think, people nowadays are too focused on the PROMOTION, without paying attention to the quality of the product, the price set, the service provided, and the details.

But that's okay, no problem... I'll try to answer it here.

If you really want it to be effective, before thinking about the technicalities of the promo, try asking about the market first. Because no matter how good the offers and promotions are, if the market doesn't have money, it won't close. tired of...

So what to do?

First, differentiate between Target Market, Potential Market, Consumers, Buyers, and Customers. Well, Iho... You know the difference?

1.Target Market

People with certain and specific criteria that we target when doing promotions. The Target Market will determine what Promotional Media we use, Use promotional media that is accessible to the direct target market. For example: if the target market is mothers

the older generation, don't sell using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Where do you know? not connecting... etc.

2.Potential Market

People who are already interested in our products. Characteristics, they like to point to our products, ask questions, or even willing to give us the database, whether it's email, cellphone number, BB pin, and others.
This is actually a big money mine. If you already have a large number of their databases, the promotion is really easy. I personally experience it often. Closing hundreds of millions of rupiah in just a matter of hours, moving the masses in minutes, and breaking through billions in a matter of months. The method? gather potential market. Where? on BB (number of pins), SMS (mobile number), list building (email), FB (group member), there are so many...

3. Consumer

People who use our products. Buyer: who buys our product. The difference? Buyers who spend money, consumers are not necessarily, For example: tutoring business, buyers: parents. consumers: children. dog food business, the buyer: those who have dogs. consumers: dogs. Understand..?

4, Customers

People who buy our products many times (at least 2x, already repeat orders). If you already have this database, it's even more delicious! Because they already have an interest in our products. Perform strategies to empower existing customers (old customers) without having to spend money. The method? Just wait for my next post...

Second, if you have determined the market, polish the offers and words beautifully.


An effective promotion is one that is PROVEN EARNING! How to know? Yes try.... Do the test and measure! any of our promotion decisions. What has clearly produced, ROLL... which does not produce, LEAVE...

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