Proposal For DOWNVOTING and MUTE on POB


Talking of plagiarism, no doubt we should have zero tolerance for it. But does plagiarism only means copying someone's else content and pasting it?

Well I think it's far more than that.

Copy Pasting

We know that merely copy pasting is being busted by Hive Watchers bot. So probably we may not have any problem catching that because we have this Hive Watchers bot to go and get them.

Twisting Words

But what if someone twists words of the article or sentences and produce it in their own words? Like they spin the words in their own words. That is probably easy to find that the content is the copay of another content, and is just twist of the words. But in this case, Hive watchers are not able to find if its plagiarized. because afterall Hive Watcher is just a bot.

Stealing Idea?

Now, this one is sort of more complex. What if someone reads a content, takes the idea from it and then write it in their own words? Not the twist of words but about the idea he has hijacked from the content. I think it is also sort of plagiarism if I am not wrong.

Deciding What to Downvote and by Whom?

But the question is, who will go after them and downvote? This is the real question. I have seen this downvoting mess around Steemit and the then HIVE, users downvoting others, for what reason? Don't really know but probably some of them were messy counter downvotes.

Probably we all on POB tribe want this thing should be dealt smartly without hurting anyone. Because we don't want this mess here on ProofOfBrain.

Question is, who will decide what content to downvote? We can't just leave users on their own deciding for their selves. This might make them get counter downvotes.

Having an Official Team

So, I think we should be leaving this to random users. We should have a team who can be tagged below the post that is suspected to plagiarism. The team will decide what action to take. Either they should warn them first and then take action if its repeated or they may do it straightaway.

Muting on POB

ProofOfBrain does have mute option too. This power rests with the owner, so probably that team can forwarded the case to the owner and the owner may decide muting a particular user. Muting may be for some days taking in consideration the intensity of the offense.

But I think users should not be muted for lifetime because they should be given chance to reconstruct their behavior muting them randomly.

ProofOfBrain tribe is sort of like a new born baby. We have a long way ahead, so probably we may come up with something good as the time passes by. We need time to get matured.

Hopeful for the success of POB tribe. I do believe in its potential.


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