My Future Babies Arrived... Veggie Seeds for Our Small Garden.. <3 (Unboxing Video)

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In my previous post, I shared my story and some pictures of the potted veggies we have in our small garden. I also mentioned that we're planning to adding more plants in the coming days as we've ordered some seeds online.

They finally arrived last night and I was able to unbox (even with no box) them this morning. Here's a short video of the unboxing. :)

We bought several types of seeds and the seller even gave us some free seeds for purchasing from them. Let me tell you more about them below.

When I first took out the small plastic packages, I was surprised to see some freebies! They gave us a pack of tomato seeds and a pack of kangkong (water spinach). We'd probably plant these in the common garden (for the community).

I love lettuce so much... be it in a sandwich, salad... or simply munching on them. There were several types of lettuce available in the online shop, but I decided on these two types first. :)

Although we received a pack of tomato seeds as a freebie, we also actually bought three packs of tomato seeds. Tomato is essential in most Filipino dishes... or we can just add it to our salad and eat them raw. haha I couldn't find cherry tomatoes, though... xDDD

We all love eggplants!!! We bought two types of seeds. One is the regular eggplant, while the other is bonsai. We're going to plant the regular ones in the common garden and the bonsai ones in a pot in our small garden. I'm curious how they'd grow especially the bonsai ones.

Same with the eggplant, we also got two types of okra seeds, the regular ones and the bonsai ones. I don't really eat okra that much because it's too slimy for me, but mama loves it. hahaha

Yes... This is a must! Late last year and earlier this month, the price of onion has been really high. It's more than 5x higher than the usual price in the past. I guess it's because of the low supply, but I'm not really sure about it.

And lastly, since I love spicy dishes, we have this bonsai siling labuyo or wild chili. Adding a bit of spiciness to some dishes makes them extra delicious. <3

I can't wait to actually plant them, but for now, we still need to get other stuff like more recycled or new pots, some soil (because the soil around my house isn't good for plants, so we need to get some somewhere else) and all other stuff. Hopefully, on my day off and when my mama gets better, we'd be able to plant them.

It's been a while since we actually planted vegetables in our garden. The last time we harvested something from our own garden was years ago. It was malabar spinach, but it's a vine, so we don't have enough space for it these days. But who knows?? I'm truly excited and I'll update you about it.

Thanks for checking this post out! Until next time!!!! :D

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