Garden Update: Papa Made Something for the Plants + Our Ornamental Plants <3

It's update time!

Well, this post isn't directly related to the plants we grow, but it's more on improving our garden and allowing us to utilize our small space. In order to do so, papa used the leftover wood and materials from my loft bed to make a small table to place our plants.

Isn't it pretty? I'll tell you more about it...

It's kind of blurry, but as you may notice... originally, we only have this block of cement where we put our plants and the condition isn't very good. Papa then tried making more space to put our plants.

Good thing we have some leftover materials for it, so it's easy to make and no need to spend money on it. The paint is also leftover from when we re-painted the house including our cabinets and cupboards. I like this chocolate-y color. :) Once the paint dried, we placed some plants especially the lettuce, so it would be much easier to harvest. :)

It looks so much better than before. Our Chinese cabbage grew big again, but we actually harvested it last night to add to our food's ingredient. :) We also placed some of the okra and chili on the table.. then below it, we have some tomato and spring onions. :)

Apart from the table, papa also fixed the place where we put our orchids. It's so much nicer to look at now. <3

Aside from our potted vegetables, we also have a bunch of ornamental plants. I'm going to share some of the pictures here. Let's start with the plants at the back and side of our house.

This is beside my parents' room. We have a bunch of aloe vera, snake plants and other ornamental plants.

These are some ornamental plants behind our house. In front of it are the seedlings we're trying to grow.

This was taken before papa fixed the place for the orchids. We have some roses and other ornamental plants here as well.

Now, let's head outside and check out the ornamental plants there!

Some of them are really tall, but still very beautiful and refreshing to see.

You can see our community garden beside our house. I'll update on it soon! ;)

On the opposite side of our gate, we also placed some snake plants

Our community is full of plants. Most people living here have several ornamental plants in their front or backyard, so despite being in a city, it feels like we're in the countryside with all these beautiful plants.

I hope you enjoy this post as well as the mini-tour. See you next time!!! <3

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