My maize and cassava farm. How well is my farming doing

Hello Agricultural mindset, how are you doing today.
It has been a why i Don't post here just that i do visit my farm once some month because is at village why i stay at town

This farm is being monitored for me by a friend of mind at village, here is a mixed cropping of maize and cassava and i am happy to see this farm at this level.

Looking at the pictures you will see how well is the farm and the maize the have started bearing fruit and in less that a month it should be due to harvest, now that things are cost, to buy maize now is costly and if you have maize you cannot be hungry because you can eat it, even sale it and make money.

Since maize is something that stays for 4 month, after the harvest of the maize it will be Left the cassava and them the cassava will now space to grow well

It is good to mixed crop sometimes because you can harvest many crop in one land instead of clearing another one. It works with crop that do not affect the other.

Hope you love what i am doing here. Thanks for your time

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