Update from my groundnut farm(what to expect from their present stage to maturity)


This is just few weeks after my last post concerning my groundnut farm and am here today to let you see just how much improvement it is making.




Groundnuts is not a plant that adds so much height it would be about a few meters of height when it starts producing.

Their produce are always underground that's why its mostly termed an underground crop.

This plant has a very unique way of improving it self and the land. Planting another kind of crop on the same land which you planted groundnut a year ago would see the plant enjoying benefits of high nutrients which it did not work for.




Groundnuts increase the soil nutrients by fixing nitrogen from the sky directly into the soil and it is possible due to the nodes in its root which contain a high amount of nitrogen fixing bacteria and with nitrogen been relatively high in the atmosphere allowing groundnut to make the most of it.

You might begin to wonder how a farmer would know that the groundnut is producing since it's under the ground well groundnut actually has a unique life cycle and one of it is that immediately it is about four or three weeks before maturity it begins to have flowers all over it and this flower tend to wider and dry up after some time so at that point the farmer would know that it has started producing and would be due for harvest in a few weeks time.

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