Sweet Potatoes farm (how I was able to preserve the stem from last years farming season till this year)


Today I felt I should share something About how my sweet potato farm has been going over the past few months which includes everything I have been doing on the farm since when I planted it to where it is today close to the period of maturity.


Unlike most crops that are planted using their seeds or produce from the previous year the case of sweet potatoes is totally different you rather make use of their stem which most times bothers farmers in a serious way, even though it is economical as you won't need to keep any of the previous years proceeds for planting you still have to keep the stem alive till the next year planting season.


This is where the garden beside my house became most important to me I would plant the stem in my garden and continue wetting it throughout that period to protect it from the scorching heat of the dry season since my region is a little bit close to the Sahara desert the temperature during dry season is usually on another level.



Secondly I have find a way to protect it from herbivores and domestic animals like goat that would keep roaming around the farm just to get a chance to break In and finish the sweet potatoes I planted.


This yearly procedure has to be learnt and mastered for any farmer who wants to be successful with sweet potatoes farming in my region cause as a farmer getting what you want to plant is almost as important as a good land itself. I will share more updates on this later.

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