Rice(pre-planting operation)


As I had earlier promised to continue bringing updates from my farm today I would drop some today.

I will share the major rice pre-planting operation.

One thing that distinguish between a random farmer and an expert in that field is his/her ability to detect a problem and to provide the best possible technics to such system.







You may feel that the pre-planting operations don't look too important but to say the truth the are as important as both the planting, post-planting and harvesting operation.

Let's take a keen look at it together

The very first that i would say is the most important pre- planting operation is site selection. An indept knowledge of this helped me pick the best possible field to cultivating my rice.
A flat land has a good chance of being water retentive because the water in it would not flow out due to its slope.

Second part is land clearing this involves stumping, bush clearing and bush burning.

Thirdly application of herbicide which is done to make sure that weeds which are would be eventually be harmfull to the rice are terminated

Fourth is tilling a process whereby I turn over the top soil to make it simple for planting, it also helps to aerate the soil to help with growth of rice plant. This growth is benefited with the quality of gas's that enter the soil like carbon dioxide by the process of aeration.

Seed selection: I do it main to pick the best seed from all the variety that I have

Finally making the nursery bed for my rice, rice can either be planted in two ways by direct planting of seed or by transplanting the one that I use is trans planting where my rice would first be planted in a nursery bed before being moved to the main land for proper growth and care.






There would be other interesting updates on this.

Thank you for viewing my blog

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