My siblings showing just how much they've learnt from watching us


While I was very busy with work on the farm and also having to balance this with my education cause I am in college I had not been able to have much time for my young siblings like we use to do.

Most times I would see my siblings going to the back of the house with their hoes but I thought they where just playing around until I saw what made me so surprise and impress, which was the fact that they haven't been playing at the back of the house but where doing something that I thought only adults would do.




Bearing in mind that most people don't see agriculture as fun in my region but as an activity meant for people who like stressing themselve.This is the mentality which I think should change because of the important role agriculture plays in our daily life and changing this wrong perception of agriculture I think can only be done if the young generation are made to see the importance of it and the beauty in nature and its surrounding.when they see things this way they would be able to pick up their farm equipment and move down to the farm irrespective of what their pairs say.


When you plant joyfully I believe you should harvest joyfully bearing that there are no cases of disaster, in the case of my siblings have done just that Without help or assistance from any adult my siblings decided to plant their own crop just behind our house which showed that they have been watching us while we where working on the farm very keenly and have somehow mastered the process and procedure.

Its really impressive to see just how much they've learnt which are good signs of future farmers who are ready to carry on the mantle and produce good crops that would be very beneficial to us all.

These are tomatoes plants that are almost mature and ready to start producing fruits and they feel so exited about this.

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