Importance of spacing in potatoes farming


Adequate spacing is always important when planting sweet potatoes, this gives the sweet potatoes more than enough space to spread its stem and branches and from each part of this branch comes a sweet potatoes tuber.





Sweet potatoes is a tuber crop but it is distinct from most tuber crops based on how it is planted and harvested.Even with its distinct look you would still see lots of grocery stores do call It yam, they are actually distinct from yam
but which ever way we choose to call it.
It has a very short life span compared to most tuber crops which is about four months after planting.

Its very un demanding crop to grow as long as you have sun and warm soil. Sweet potatoes most importantly are drought and heat tolerant and have few pest or diseases but all you have to do is to make sure that the land is warm, there is sunlight and the space in between each is more than enough to help the sweet potatoes to spread its branches since it is a crawling plant and has the ability to produce tubers not only from the main root but also from other roots that come as a result of the stem that spread out from the main plant.

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