How I transplant rice


You can plant your rice making use of various technics depending on how You want it, the type of rice and the condition of the land at moment. If the land has water retained on it, it's better you transplant and if its a bit dry then planting directly would be the best and moreover it is more faster than transplanting.if you are having problems with birds around your farm then there is a technic for that also and you can always come up with other ideas depending on the kind of condition that you are having on your farm.




Like in my case I make use of trans planting where I would initially planting in a nursery before moving it to the main farm, this is because there use to be alot of water on my farm immediately the raining season begins.

This most times is tedious and time wasting but at the same time it has proven to be more effective than even the others.

It does not require any expertise so a little guidance on how to go about it is all you need which is why you can even find children helping out with it.Transplanting rice based on how I have seen it grow and develop more relative to rice planted using other methods it has a faster and better production output.


  • I always start with clearing my farm
  • Then I would apply herbicide to kill the weed and If there is any tree stump I would try my best to uproot them.cutting off any form of shade is important to make sure that there is direct sunlight.




  • And then follows the nursery bed for the rice this is done mainly on the farm but it could be on an entirely different farm but it needs to be close to the farm so that while I am transplanting it would be easy for me to move the rice.





  • The nursery bed that I make is about 10-15cm high and I make of sandy-loamy soil so it would be easier for me to up root while am trans planting.

  • I would till the soil and begin to pour my rice on the nursery bed, and make sure that its not too much at a spot cause even though its staying there temporarily it still needs to have space, i use my hand to mix the soil and the rice this is my own idea of camouflage which i do to protect the rice from birds.

Finally I would cover it with dry plant leafs.And also Both the sand and the leaf should not be too much on it so it can easily spring forth out of the ground. there is no need wetting it as it usually during the beginning of the raining season and After about three weeks the rice is now ready for transplant by then I would have finished preparing the main farm.






When transplanting the spacing between each of them is about 15cm and it usually forms a diagonal in which each hole should contain exactly about five to six rice it shouldn't be too much since rice needs Enough space.

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