Finally my maize crop has started producing


Its already 3 months since I planted my first maize and the harvesting period is no more far away as i have started seeing some maize combs on the plant which is a period of early maturity.

These days I would reflect on the hard work, set back and the way forward when it comes to having a better and higher produce than this year while I would slightly divert my attention to other crops that also need to be taken care of.



This for a farmer might look like the final stage but it is a very delicate time in the life of the maize that I planted.

Its a period where I tend to see an increased activity of pest and disease and its almost as if it could ruin the whole work I had put in right from the beginning of it when I was planting my seeds.

I remember vividly well that 11 years ago when my parents where farming the disease resistant variety of maize was not common in my region farmers resulted to appling plant disease control chemicals to their crops to protect the maize from some kinds of pest that eat the crop while it is still on the plant but thanks to the science of hybrid we have a strong disease resistant crop and the time took for this maize variety to grow into maturity.




Other pest that can not be eliminated by applying pesticides are reduced by applying some simple but important agriculture technic like clearing surrounding bushes and regular weeding of unwanted crops so they don't end up housing pest that can ravage my crops.

We can see that there is no period between planting and harvesting where I can just cross my legs and watch cause every period between planting and harvesting has to be taken with serious care that's is why I would always recommend regular inspection round the farm.

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