Essence of water in rice farming (two weeks rain break that drastically affected my farm


It's been about two weeks since the last rain fell and within this short time the effect has been damaging already.




Rice on the farm are drying up already and even the one on the beds still to be transplanted are not left out of this short

The scorching heat has not helped us as farmers as it has also added more to the problems we have.




This break normally occurs in the month of August which we have termed August break and it last about two to three weeks but for this I really don't know if there was a change in tides or something as it actually 2weeks ahead of schedule but am still wondering if it was actually the break or another break before the break which would be disastrous for we farmers.



The timing this break makes it even more disastrous as it is during the same period that we are trans planting rice and this leaves us no choice but to pause all the rice transplanting that we are doing.

Secondly it coincise period with the period where maize begins bearing fruit and water is the most important thing when they are bearing fruit without water they may not be able to bear fruit at all which shows just how important water is to agriculture.

Using mechanical systems to pump water to our farm could have reduced the damage but that system is considered too expensive for we farmers in this region, you can hardly find two farmers who own this machine.

Adequate rainfall is very important to a good agricultural yeild even if the rainfall is minimal it still has a damaging effect.

So imaging agriculture without rainfall or any other source of water what would it look like a desert would be the best example.

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