Cultivating fluted pumpkin


Cultivating my fluted pumpkin in a sack I had to make sure that I take serious precaution with my planting process.

The soil am using would be the best soil to cultivate it, adequate sunlight and water supply.


Fluted pumpking farming does well on sandy-loamy soil with this in mind am going to use the soil gotten from a poultry farm close to my house .this soil has a high level of organic content and are highly aerated due to the presence of small micro living organism mostly known to support plant growth. This kind of soil are always the best when it comes to growing fluted pumpkin.


The size and width of the container is also important cause the height would help the fluted pumpkin root to penetrate into the soil and width if it is wide enough would help provide adequate spacing for the few no of fluted pumpkin seeds that is planted in each sac.


The depth of planting should be between a dimension of 15-25cm deep.

I also placed the sac where there would be an adequate sunlight exposure as this is very important for the fluted pumpkin.

Another important factor to consider is that the ph of the soil should be between 6.5-7 it should not be too high or too low but neutral.


The plant is large ranging in size from 16-105cm in length with an average diameter of 9cm.


The seed must be matured if not it would not grow at all.

There would more update on my fluted pumpkin later.

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