Thinking about Peanut Price & Politics at Harvesting Time

I will continue to say that it is related to the work of the farm when the peanuts are harvested.

When it's time for peanuts harvesting, people in the village where I live pick peanuts. They are not busy picking peanuts.
It can also be said that the time of harvest is the time when the farmers will be richful.
However, in other areas, there are many people who cannot do normal business and are fleeing the war.

There are going to have peanuts and peanut oil.
However, don't think that peanut oil is cheap.
A 3.6 pounds of peanut oil is above MMK 12,000 kyats. (2 Liters ~ USD$ 4)
Last year, the price of peanut oil rose from 8,000 to 15,000 kyats per 3.6 pounds.
This year, even when peanuts are harvesting, it is 12,000 kyats, so there is a possibility that it will go up even more.

A rise in peanut oil prices is good for peanut farmers, but not good for most consumers.
Because of bad politics, the prices of goods are rising a lot.
Therefore, many Myanmar people are facing many hardships.
Only after the fall of the military dictator will the people of Myanmar live peacefully.
For this day, While watching the scene of the peanuts being plucked, I thought briefly about the price of peanut oil and politics.


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