My Red pepper and vegetable garden 🍒🍒🍒🍒🇳🇬🌶️🌶️


My love for fresh pepper 🌶️🫑🌶️🌶️ is not of this world, well actually I do not really know how to go about it but my love for paper is something I cannot explain, I love 💕 it hot.
so early this morning I got inspired so I decided to check my garden where did my pepper nursing, l knew it should have been due for transplanting, cause its been weeks now and I knew it is matured enough.

Today being public holiday l had to effectively maximize the holiday since it was due for transplanting, it was raining early in the morning so l was wondering if my plans will go through, after about few hours the rain subsided so l had to enter the garden.


The weeding process
The garden had been already cleared some weeks ago but due to the heavy outpour of rain 🌧️🌧️🌧️ l could not proceed on the planting process, I did that with the help of my weeding hole and as well added some mixtures of animals drops for effective nutrient.

The hole is ready for planting







This is the first phase of the yard garden, l started with vegetables (pumpkin leave) precisely and we do harvest it for home 🏠🏠 usage, for me l don't joke vegetables, it's good to have a garden by the yard.
The vegetables yard it already bringing out seed for next season planting,



Again l also do have a section for okro that is already grown and we have began harvesting and more fruit are coming, this is wonderful to behold.


This is what l had plan for the year to do within my yard but because of time l could not make it happen as l expected but l trust that before the next two months the project will be completed and more joy will be available. My shout out to my agricultural hive friends @salvadornkpara and @duncanek, miss you guys, please do well to stop by as usual.

@ekotmordemy, thanks so much for stopping by and supporting me, am grateful and l solicit for more support and engagement, please be expecting more update by the day, the garden is taking shape with time, thanks God bless you

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