Lemongrass plants the true about the natural growing herbal medicinal plant


Hi Hiveans,

I was around a friend's house when I noticed my friend has a very big backyard with different kind of green vegetables also crops that can be consumed by human being I was very happy and I moved closer to the garden to see what I could recognise as the farmer's wife. despite the fact that they have all kinds of green vegetables such as the green African spinach, the red African spinach as well is also present.

I love closer to this particular lemongrass plants which I have also heard much about this particular plant it is one of those old plant that is consumed as we buy our elders. I could remember when my grandma always go to the backyard to source and cut this kind of natural green tea. It has a lot of advantages which I already know initially before today and I would like to say one of two things and if you have your own contribution as well you can bring it on in the comments section.



  • Although this lemon green grass plant can survive during the rainy season and also during the dry season depending on your own choice of planting although it do more when it's day raining season as I was told even with the experience my old friend had. So I took more of these pictures to show us how it is being planted here.



  • I also noticed that there are some other predators that feed on this particular lemongrass tea such as snails. I took the picture of a snail that feed on this particular plant.



  • More also if you want to go into this the kind of Farming like planting the lemongrass plants or even at the backyard you can easily uproot or transplant they already existing lemongrass.





Thanks For Reading My Article And Giving me a very great privilege to be here again after some weeks of having break. I am back fully.

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