Pears. It's time to taste it

Hello, friends.

Today I decided to take a little walk in the garden with a camera. Well, how to take a walk... I decided to share photos with my friends.
I have already shown broccoli cabbage, so now I have bypassed it.
Yesterday I ate one pear that fell from a tree, today I noticed that there are still several pears under the tree. I took one home, and I put the one that was bitten by some animal, most likely a mouse, on a stone and decided to make a photo shoot for her.
My cat constantly lives in the garden, does not want to go into the house, apparently catches mice.

A lot of pears are hanging low from the ground. And one fruit hangs on the tree bitten.
Or maybe it was the crows who tasted pears? It is clear that the taste of pears has not yet been liked, because they are not ripe.

In general, there are a lot of pears this year. In a month or even in 3 weeks, we will be engaged in processing the pear harvest. But the apple harvest this year is very small. When the apple trees were blooming, there was just a strong hurricane and they did not have time to pollinate, the wind knocked the flowers from the trees.

Actually, pears were once considered exotic for our climate. When I bought seedlings, many of my friends did not believe that there would be fruits. Yes, some people are still surprised that we have delicious pears growing here.
And not just delicious, but there are also a lot of them. They begin to bloom earlier than apple trees and ripen early. It is clear that these are early varieties.

I myself ate one pear that fell to the ground, and brought another one into the house. I took a picture and went outside. When I came back, it turned out that my daughter had already eaten a pear, and left the apples. She loves pears very much.

And I like to photograph pears and show them to my new friends. :) I like their surprise at the sight of photos. I'm telling you - pears from your own garden are considered exotic for local people. They are used to buying pears of the "Festival" variety or pears grown in China in the store. It is necessary to think about it - to bring pears for 5000 kilometers, if they can be grown here.

At the moment I have 3 pears of different varieties: Lada, Tonkovetka and I forgot the name of the third grade.
There was another tree, but 2 years ago it broke into 3 parts, the mass of all the pears that were born could not stand it. And I wasn't at home at the time.
But these three trees are enough for us now. And, by the way, they bear fruit every year, they don't even rest.

Ha, we ate the apples. They are ripe. They even have a black seed already.

I wanted to show vegetables, but it turned out that I showed only pears. So vegetables for another time.

I add my beloved @archon community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.

I add my beloved @ru-trail community as a 5% beneficiary of the post.


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