Trying An App Called Litter Lotto

Hey Clean Planet friends! It's been a long time since I've done a litter pick up, but I'm hoping to get back into it at least a little at a time. I used to go out with a bag and fill it, but with my health issues being what they are of late, that would likely be pretty painful now. But I can do a handful at a time, and as additional motivation, I discovered an app called Litter Lotto to try.

Someone in an eco group I'm in on fb recommended it, so I checked to see if it was available in the US (that person was British), and the website says yes, so I downloaded it. Basically, you take a photo of you putting litter in a bin, much like #cleanplanet. Then you are entered into two chances: one is a spot prize where you can win instantly, and one is a big daily prize. Whether you win any spot prizes or not, every photo is a draw in the big daily prize.

So there is me putting a handful of litter into a bin (2 wet wipes, 1 face mask, 1 crushed pill bottle, and a bit of plastic wrapper). I didn't win a spot prize but if I ever win the big daily prize I'll let you know! ;)

It may not be a whole bag like I used to do, but every bit helps! Thanks for reading! :)

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