It's a beautiful day again and I thank God for the privilege to be part of this beautiful prompt. I think this should be the first community prompt. Special thanks to all the management and other participants hoping in this festive period, we would still be diligent in keeping the planet. I will like to drop my perspective under the following headings

Why do you love nature?

My love for nature started when I was much younger. I had peers I moved with though children but some of our acts depicts mature children. At times you would see us picking some leaves from the mango tree so that it will be neat for us and our parents to stay. Little did I know that this is a pathway in keeping the planet. Later when I grew up to my secondary school level, my passion for serene and clean environment suddenly shoot high. I would not like anyone to harm the planet. You know that the environment constitutes both living and non living components which must be taken care of very well.

Why keep it clean?

The reason why I like keeping it clean is because when the environment is cleaned, it plays lots of importance to me. It makes life habitable. It reduces pollution. It reduces the rate of danger and hide outs to reptiles and other dangerous animals. I keep nature clean because it reduces wide spread of diseases.

What are the implications of not keeping the planet clean?

Any environment that is kept uncleaned certainly it will affect lives and the entire components of the ecosystem. The environment becomes unsaved.

How has nature helped humanity?

As I conclude, nature has helped humanity in the areas of employment. For instance planting economic trees provides income to people. It has also helped to promote the activities of man.
I wish to invite my friends to join this prompt. @hivedeb @flamethrow @desiredlady
Here are the pictures demonstrating how I kept the environment cleaned today being Saturday 23-12-2023.

Thanks @solarisfuture @cleanplanet @cleanyourcity @resonator

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