Starting the week with the energy of Dancehall by Jamaican singer Dydy ..

Happy start of the week dear friends ..

Today I want to introduce you to a fresh and vibrant musical style to start the day, this is the singer Dyrana McIntosh, popularly known as DyDy ...

this girl is Originally from Jamaica, from the town of St. Elizabeth, she left her country when she was 17 years old and
He emigrated to the United States.

He became known for his influence on social media on both Instagram and Facebook.

In 2017, DyDy released her first single “2 Can,” which got a lot of airplay on local and international radio stations.

DyDy recently released its musical success called "Fresh", this year 2020 on February 5 Produced by: Corey Todd
Mixed and mastered by: Dre Day

It's a mix of sexy girl and the freshness and energy expressed by the dancehall ...
DyDy Fresh Official Lyric Vide

until a new opportunity dear friends I really loved it, the talent of this young talent of dancehall Dydy is passionate, it puts strength and energy to his music ..

Dydy is a palpable example of the force exerted by social networks, she built her career through Facebook, Instagram earning a large number of fans through these media used an excellent strategy to publicize her music to the world ..


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