The hoverfly

Today I am back with some macro shots of a beautiful fly called Hoverfly.

I discovered it sitting on a wall in the morning. It was sitting in sun shine to absorb some heat. The wall's colour was pink on which it was sitting. When i noticed it i decided to photograph it. So i approached it carefully and tried to take some macro shots of it. There were two or three of them sitting on the wall. After some struggle i managed to get some decent shots of it from different angles. Capturing a fly sitting on a wall is not an easy task. I photographed it with my mobile's macro lens. I captured this kind of Hoverfly many times before. It's head look so beautiful with black spots.

After clicking it i did some editing to its pictures with the help of a software to make them more attractive. It looks beautiful in macro images. Now I'm going to share its pictures with you guys. Hope you like it

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