Huge Porites Colonies

The last time I share underwater photos was about Acropora, Powder Blue Tang, and Others in Tuan Island Coral Reef. This time I'm going to share another underwater scene that was taken on Benteng Inong Bale, Aceh. I was carrying out an underwater survey at that time and was amazed by the huge porites colonies that spread on that site.

Porites are a common coral genus in Indo-Pacific waters, where you will easily find this creature in any coral reef. This genus could also be easily identified from its corallite form and color. It has smooth and small corallite and the color was mostly ranging from brown to yellow. The darker color it gets, meaning the healthier its condition is.

This genus has some lifeform but most were found forming boulders of rocks. If you are lucky, in some places you could find a branching lifeform of Porites. In some cases, you will also find some mollusks and other organisms stick in porites colonies like the clam, Christmas tree, and sea lilies.

I took these pictures using GoPro4 and have made quite an effort to maximize the color using Adobe Lightroom because the original color was too faded. I also found out that the black and white version seems to be quite gloomy, but I still like it. That's all about the huge porites colonies and I hope you like them. Thank You!

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