Photography of Ladybugs on Leaves | Colors Black And White


Hi friends, wherever you are, how are you today, I hope you are always healthy.

Greetings to all of us who have been in this beloved community. On this occasion I am here again to show you the photography of a very small ladybug that I found a few days ago behind my house.

Ladybug is an insect that is classified as a type of beetle because it has wings on its back and generally you can find lots of these ladybugs on green leaves and they often perch there and look for prey and of course today I managed to capture several photos with my red cellphone. Let's see the results below.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English

Camera UsedHandphone
ModelSamsung S20
LocationAceh - Indonesia


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My full name is Edi Suryadi, many friends on hive platforms call my name Idayrus, I come from the country of Indonesia which is especially located in Aceh Province, I was born in 1997 until now I have completed my education in college with a bachelor's degree in Science Communication. I like interesting and unique things and I am also a photography and art lover and new things so on this beloved platform I will share about photography, art, traveling and other interesting things.

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