Hive Nobel Prize Rewards For Week 33 - 20 Hive - 3 Winners

Hello hivers, curators, donators, helping people, and all others,

This is the

Hive Nobel Prizes Award For The Last Week

The timeframe is from 2023-08-11 to 2023-08-18.


I am proud to announce, that I can send some money to people, which helped other people in the recent days.

Here are the winners of the last week:

PlaceAmount HiveWinnerReasonUrlImage
1.10 Hive@hive.ghanaengaging and supporting people to write posts in Hive@hive.ghana/weekly-engagement-wk-11-join-us-for-a-week-filled-with-exciting-activities
2.7 Hive@dfacademyengaging kids to play football@dfacademy/a-fun-filled-week-at
3.3 Hive@mr-chuksCleaning the planet@mr-chuks/my-cleaning-activities

The money has already been sent:

Screenshot of the @anobel wallet from today

What Is The Hive Nobel Prize System?

The man behind it

The account @anobel was created and is owned by me, @achimmertens. I believe, that the Hive ecosphere has big advantages and is especially appropriate to help people in need. So I try to invent a system, that has trustworthy curators, trustworthy authors and donators who finance the helpers in an efficient way.

The Rules + The Criteria

The curators look for posts, that contain:

  • Good written content from people helping other people or the environment
  • Pictures, to proof that this post is real and not spam or fake.
  • Not too low reputation score of the authors.
  • ...

Anyone can be a curator. If you find posts, which match the criteria, mark it with a "!CHARY" in the comments. You can add a colon + a number from zero to ten, to weight this post. Example:


This is no garanty that the author gets rewarded, but it appears in the results, which @anobel checks. Don't abuse this, or you will get listed on a blacklist.

A weekly report consolidates these posts and orders the winners (by rules, that the @achimmertens/@anobel defines).
All the Hive-money, that has been send until then to @anobel, will be distributed among the winners.

The SQL-code to find the posts is:

-- Suche die Posts, die exakt "!CHARY" beinhalten (egal ob im Hauptpost oder in den Kommentaren)
-- und sortiere sie nach Zeit
    author, root_title, last_update, url, body, total_vote_weight
   AND body LIKE '%!CHARY%' COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS
ORDER BY last_update DESC;

Workflow of the Nobelprize system

What you can do

If you want to support needy people and their helpers also, you can:

Reblog this report

The more people are involved, the more we can reach.

Curation Trail

Follow @anobel in the curation trail:

There you upvote automatically everyone, who @anobel will upvote. With this, you give some upvotes to the people that do good things:

Donate Hive to @anobel

All the Hive money that anobel owns, will be distributed among the next winners. This promise can be proved by checking @anobel's wallet.

Help other people and write about it

Do something good and talk about it. Write it honestly and don't be ashamed to talk about your help. Use the hashtag "charity" and post it in the community "Charity".

Subscribe to "Charity" and engage with others

Subscribe to this community, curate some content and talk to the authors to engage them. It is very important, that bloggers get feedback. It motivates them to go on. In return you get new friends and an overwiew, what good things happens in this world. It is a big contrast to the rest of the news.

Follow @anobel

There you should get regularely reports about the winners. This is at the moment under construction. The reports are generated manually at the moment, but I (@achimmertens) am working on that.

Follow @achimmertens

Yes, I am always happy, when someone reads and upvote my work ;-)

See you with the next "Hive Nobel Prizes Rewards" Report,

Greeting, Anobel (alias Achim)

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