Dealing with anxiety and panic at work

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Have you ever felt anxious at work? Have you ever been afraid of what you have done or what you have said to others? Have you ever felt panicked when faced with someone who had witnessed you make mistakes at work? Or when you first come to work, the anxiety that comes with it is so strong that you can't sleep all night thinking about what happened at your new job?

If yes, it is very dangerous because it will interfere with your concentration at work. Anxiety and panic in the place where we work will make it difficult for you to do your daily activities. Even the anxiety that comes to you feels uncomfortable in interacting with coworkers. There is a sense of worry if you make mistakes or do not show good performance in the office or company. You are afraid that coworkers or other employees will talk to you about your mistakes.

When we first enter a new job, we will meet new co-workers too, so we will try to do everything well and perfectly (without mistakes). When we make mistakes, we will be more careful in our behavior. Many of us will judge and judge ourselves when we have just made a mistake. Negative thoughts in our heads make us feel anxious to panic when faced with such situations. Moreover, in the past, you have made the same mistake so that the body responds such as sweating, shaking hands, or legs becoming weak. Then, what to do when anxiety arises in us?

It takes time in the process of dealing with anxiety in the workplace, as problems like these cannot be dealt with instantly. You just turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. To create positive and realistic thinking, you can take a deep breath when you just made a mistake at work. Tell yourself something like "it's okay, the mistakes I made today provide a new, more positive lesson, slowly I will be able to overcome this situation". You can adjust this positive thinking to your version, according to the situation and conditions that you experience. Create positive thoughts to shift negative thoughts stuck in your head. Also try to meditate before bed, so that your mind becomes relaxed and calm.

Keep creating positive thoughts, and keep practicing to get used to it. Over time, it will become easier to deal with anxiety if you continue to create positive but realistic thoughts.

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