Life is a river that only goes

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We are living in historic times, for a pandemic of nature that we are suffering from, has occurred on a few occasions in the history of mankind. Therefore, it is certainly interesting to stop and reflect on the fact that we are at a crucial moment worldwide that compromises the existence of a large part of the human race and we may not be realizing the seriousness of the issue beyond the natural fear of being infected. They are changing our lives, our habits, the way we support ourselves and so many other things that we may not be aware of.

In the words of @porters, creator of the question of the week in @ecotrain:

Life carries on even amidst these massive changes that are happening globally and what we're interested in knowing is some of the ways you may be creating memorable moments at this time. Yes! This is a time that is going to go down in history, something etched in our memories but it is also within our ability to make something memorable of it, keep directing our lives so that it is fulfilling! I know for myself one of the most precious gifts to receive is more of an experience, something that will bring me many happy memories. Even though our lives are more restricted now I'm sure if you put on your thinking cap you can come up with some creative ways of spending your time making some memorable experiences or doing what you find fulfilling.

Based on these great reflections, he generates this week's interesting QOTW: "What are you doing to create memories, make life more fulfilling? "

Living "LIVING"

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If I'm honest, the question seemed, at first, a little strange because of the forced circumstances, how distressing and even dangerous because survival is at stake, I realize that it is true, we are making history and history must be documented and what better option than to raise awareness of this and work to create memorable moments that we will remember, being optimistic, as good.

Then I stop to think first of how many ways the changes introduced by social distancing and quarantine in the home have affected me, and then observe what adaptation measures I have been adopting and what actions we have been taking as a family so as not to have a bad time and, on the contrary, to improve and/or redirect to include happy times, despite the adversity that many are suffering closely.

Thank God, in my city, there are very few cases of contagion, according to official figures, but the restrictions are great and no outings are allowed that are not justified as very necessary, so they do not allow any walk or stroll on pain of arrest. But, looking at it from the point of view of the great amount of time we Venezuelans have been practically under quarantine because we have been surviving for years, with miserable salaries and poor services, that living, "LIVING", we have been forgetting or postponing it, because we are in a survival mode and that distances us a little from "living and being happy", but it has made us experts in surviving in hard circumstances.

Life does not stop

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So, perhaps I am not keeping a record of nice things to remember from these pandemic days that are taking thousands of lives every day. I cannot think that I should seek happiness within the cruelty that has been unleashed by the collateral damage of the security measures by the pandemic, seeing how hundreds of Venezuelans are being subjected to a cruel setback in deplorable conditions because they lived in neighboring countries and now they are trying to return, despite the border closures, trying to stay healthy so as not to bring the infection to their families, because the life they had abroad they lost because they could not go out to work to pay the rent and daily sustenance, due to the quarantine measures. It is so sad to see the images on social networks and television.

When you survive, you don't think about certain things that are important and that questions like these don't stop and open our eyes to another reality: "this is the only life you have and you are not living it". How sad! Surviving takes away our intelligence because it is true that we do not have a plan B so that every day we live counts as a feat to be counted when we come out of this trance.

Life is a river that only goes

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It doesn't go back. But, a little light comes on in my heart and goes to bring encouragement to the brain... We do have a story to tell and we do have a web of family connections that perhaps in other times would not have been so close. Being scattered around the world has made us value family more, the small details, the outings, the barbecues in the rivers, the fires at the seashore, the board games with everyone together. Those who have left have realized that life is not rosy in other countries, that there is no American dream, that you have to work hard to eat well, pay rent and have some small savings because most of them are not enough to send the sustenance to those of us who stay, as was their dream.

The value to the FAMILY is what is rescued from these historically difficult times, times in which you have to distance yourself in order to preserve the life of the oldest since the contagion with covid19 is lethal in the oldest. But, at least, we create ways to interact and rejoice with jokes through the What's app family group that includes our children who live in other countries. And we shorten the physical distance with the humorous approach, the challenges, the games.

But, in my case, there are days when I don't participate in anything and simply withdraw to be with myself, to reflect, to evaluate my emotional state, although in the course of this writing I realize that I am more affected than I recognized, weighing the impact that this whole debacle will leave when it ends because it has to end. And I can say that I feel grateful because at least no evil has come close to us, no health commitment has been lethal to my affections. However, I believe that we must remain in prayer, whatever our beliefs because if this were to get out of hand, it would be a catastrophe of incalculable proportions.

I see very little of the news as a way of not altering my mood so predisposed to silent anxiety, but when I do I am stunned by the daily number of deaths in the world from the pandemic.

One of the things I do to make my life more fulfilling is to spend some time with my grandson in learning activities and I say "some time" because kids today are super-intelligent in their use of technological devices, but to devote their attention to traditional ways of learning they are not as interested; and we must arm ourselves with patience to challenge their intelligence to construct basic meanings.

In conclusion, it seems to be a good idea that the question of the week revolved around this theme because it has allowed those of us who had closed our vision of the experience of these bad times as times of life, now a channel of reflection has been opened for us to apply later what is an inescapable reality: these times must not only be survived but lived in a creative way in spite of the circumstances because it's true "Life carries on even amidst these massive changes". Then, if we have not done so, it is time to look for ways to make life more satisfying and to seek to be happy, as far as possible. Life does not stop, life is a river that only goes, it does not return. We have to wet ourselves in the river of life, whether we like the waters we have to stir or not, we have to face and look for the positive within the negative, to live as close as possible to what gives us satisfaction and well-being. As a popular saying goes: "If lemons fall from the sky, make lemonade"


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