A year in Trust Investing


On June 6, 2021, I celebrated my first birthday in the Trust Investing system in style. Incredibly what seemed crazy or a great risk became a great relief for me and more importantly a great opportunity for the future of my family.

If you don't know what Trust Investing is, I have written several posts talking about it. What is it? How does it work? As well as all the profits that can be obtained from it. They can review all the information from these:

TRUST INVESTING, a solid investment
TRUST INVESTING, business plan
TRUST INVESTING, compensation plan
TRUST INVESTING, compound interest
TRUST INVESTING, withdrawals
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I really like living in Cuba, the country where I have lived since I was born, but unfortunately it is not easy to live here. It could be explained in many ways and given many reasons why things are the way they are, but that is not the point of this publication. The point is that the salary of a normal job is not enough for more than the minimum necessary. To make matters worse, not all products are sold in the currency with which the salary is paid. In recent times, most of the scarce products that are sold are in US dollars (USD) and there are not many ways to acquire those. And of course, to all this situation we must add the crisis due to Covid-19. Ahhh, quite a problem.

It was in this context that I decided at a time when I was not in a difficult situation, to risk what little I had saved on a promising new idea. A friend told me about Trust Investing and how it works. And although we both knew there were risks and we could lose money, the situation was not to be soft. Something had to be done, because on the path that we had taken until that moment, we would not see the light of day.

The adventure begins

Some spoke well about it, others warned me of the risks and many more called me foolish and deluded and that I would lose everything. But I'm used to all those things, criticism is not something strange in my life. I studied all the existing documentation, read various strategies used by some who were already there, made a decision and went in with everything. $200 USD for some does not seem like a big deal, but believe me, in my country it is good money, and, also, it was all I had saved.

Even so, I took into account that if I lost that money, nothing serious would happen in my life and that of my family of course. You should never risk so much as to endanger your loved ones.

I entered the system relatively strong, earning almost $40 per month. I studied, theorized various strategies and in the end, I drew my own route. The strategy I established put me at risk of losing everything if something happened within 7 months. During that time I reinvested my monthly earnings to increase my total investment and thus increase my monthly earnings. 7 months that, if the system closed because it was a scam, or because they did not do well in business, I would simply lose everything and that's it.


But it was not like that, I worked, I stayed on my route established by myself, and after that time; my investment in the system had grown enough to withdraw my initial investment.

Trust Investing

All that time it was not free of controversy, criticism and various problems in the system. Sometimes simple problems, sometimes not, but that at all times made the weakest of heart feel fear. Or rather to those who were not satisfied or convinced of the strategy they had established themselves and the risks they had decided to take.

But Trust Investing held firm, despite the problems they have suffered. Despite the fact that other similar systems have proven to be a scam, or at least their business model proved not to be strong enough. They are still here and clearly growing stronger.

Many criticize, many attack, but Trust continues to pay every day, every month within the established parameters. There have been months lower, others better, as the cryptocurrency market has behaved. But it has always paid above 17% per month, only three months have been below that, and the lowest month was 14.6%. Not bad in my opinion. The month with the lowest earnings and still they were 14.6% of your money, impressive.

A year in Trust Investing

As I was saying, I bought my first package on June 6, 2020, a $ 100 package. That's where it all started, later that month another more than 100 and then the profits began to arrive. One year later and this is the result.

Every month I bought more and bigger packages, as you can see in blue and my total investment in the system continued to increase each month with the profits and following my strategy. My growth only stopped in the months of November and December with the planned withdrawals of my initial investment. After that and without any risk, everything has been with the wind in favor.

With the increase in the total investment, the monthly profits are getting bigger and bigger and a year later, I have earned more than 10 times what I initially put in the system. It is important to clarify that these earnings have only been from daily passive earnings. What the system pays for with your business work. They do not include the earnings per referral plan, those are detailed below.

As in any multilevel marketing system, or MLM or networking, or whatever you want to call it; The referral plan is very important in this type of system. It helps the company to become known more quickly and to have free marketing. In addition, it ensures to some extent that members teach each other how the whole system works. In return, part of the purchases are distributed as benefits for the members who do this work.

The person making the purchase loses nothing, their sponsor earns a commission for this work, and the company gains word of mouth marketing. Everyone wins.

As you can see in the graph, I did not actually have large earnings per referral plan this year, until March 2021 (when I entered a referral with a significant amount) there was no significant increase. The good thing is that intelligently this great referral that I incorporated, I did it for the branch of the work tree, or secondary, or weaker, as you want to say it. That is, by the branch in which it did not have accumulated binary points. This caused that I left the main branch at 0 points and as in this branch it is natural for more points to enter, from now on the gains will be greater as can be seen in the graph in the months after March.

If you do not understand the logic of the latter, read this post that explains how the referral plan works and everything about the binary tree.
TRUST INVESTING, compensation plan

Starting with just $300, my total capital in the system at this point is $2850, 9.5 times more than starting. In addition to having already withdrawn $1037.25, almost 3.5 times more than what I initially deposited.

Overall it has been a great year. I do not dispute that there are safer ways to increase your capital and your cryptocurrencies. Certainly these types of companies have their risks. However, the benefits are clearly visible and I don't think they leave much for discussion.

Trust Investing is not a scam or a Ponzy scheme or a pyramid scam. It is a system that generates excellent profits and also uses Networking or Multilevel Marketing to further enhance the profits of its members. If you don't want to search for referrals and enjoy these benefits, simply make your purchase and sit down to enjoy your monthly earnings and grow your investment with Compound Interest.

Any questions you have can ask in the comments and perhaps I have to add some more information to the article if you deem appropriate, just tell me.

This is just one in a series of articles about the Trust Investing investment system. If you are interested, I invite you to also read the rest of them from my user.

TRUST INVESTING, a solid investment
TRUST INVESTING, business plan
TRUST INVESTING, compensation plan
TRUST INVESTING, compound interest
TRUST INVESTING, withdrawals


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