My August Bullet Journal Layout

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Hi everyone! I can't believe it is already August! Time does fly. I did a new spread on my bullet journal and thought of sharing it here. My theme for August is animals and tribal culture. That is what the washi tape set I selected is about.


This is how the largest tape in the set looks. I have been avoiding this set because it had an off white colour in the background. However this month, I thought that it will be fun to experiment with something different for once. The designs are mostly animals and I thought that they look cute with the ornaments.


These are the plain washi tape colour palette I picked. I use 7 colours for each month for the days of the week.


I wrote the days in capital using a black gel pen. I am aware my handwriting doesn't have any artistic nature as I mainly do this for productivity and to keep track of things.


This is the whole set of the washi tape I used as decoration. There are ten rolls in the set from the thin washi to medium and large. I usually cut them and use like little stickers especially for the ones with individual images print.


I don't have to open them to know the patterns as they are already printed on the sides of the boxes they came with. It was so convenient for me.


So I drew the monthly layout and decorated them with the washi tapes which I used as stickers here except for the large roll. I used the large roll to cover the empty boxes. Then, I used a glitter pen to label the dates.


I added the name of the month which is August using highlighters. Then I added little hearts in the background on top and bottom using fine tipped markers. I taped the washi tape days labels as well.


This is another section I added at the edge to write some important things and events for the month. As you can see, I included my vaccination appointment as well as my payments.


I used the golden pen to fill in the public holidays and birthdays of the month. Then I used a black gel pen to fill a line of memory in the first day.


Here's another angle of my simple, almost minimalist style monthly layout. I will be filling all the boxes with one line of memory each day. I also like to journal to write longer about my daily memories but it is difficult to keep up so I chose this way in case I don't feel like journaling sometimes.


I also did some aesthetic journaling for the cover but I thought this post will get too long if I combine it so I will post it separately. Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you have a great day ahead. Stay safe and take care =)

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