My Grandfather, the Composer -- We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants


Very moving to read, this morning, an Arabic appreciation of my paternal grandfather: composer and singer, Yahya Lababidi, (1900-1943).

Overcome by his artistic tendencies, at a young age, he abandons dentistry and, in his brief life, goes on make many impressive cultural contributions.

For example, when the Government of Palestine established a radio station in Jerusalem, my grandfather was chosen as director of its music department and later was selected as director of the music section of the Near East Arab Radio Station, where he also composed famous songs of a national character.

(He's the tall, dapper one in the photo, above 🙂

And, he's not the only one on my father's side of the family that I have to thank my literary gifts, either.

His brother, Salah al-Lababidi (Head of the Ministry of Education & Director of Police in Beirut) was interested in poetry, science, painting and published several poetry books!

His many books, include:

  1. *Memoirs of the Director of Police *(1970)
  2. Confessions of the 80-year-old (1987)

Feeling quite proud to learn of this illustrious family history and also humbled knowing to what extent I stand on the shoulders of giants.

I am, because they are... It's in the blood, it's in the soul...

For those who can read Arabic, or don't mind using Google translate, here's the full article about the Lababidi Family, I'm honored to be a member of:


Below, is a picture of my dear, departed paternal grandmother, also illustrious in her own right. A Palestinian activist, Rabiha Dajani, here is collecting donations for the revolutionaries, before their Diaspora (Jerusalem, 1938)


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