In life, a lot of people had the experience of having a pet at home. I had too. I still remember the day when my mother holds a little Persian kitten, I didn't know the gender of my kitten at that time. but I was obsessed and overwhelmed at the same time while looking at her for several moments. It's almost two years that she's been with me, but a few days ago I lost my cat just because of a selfish thief in the town.


My cat's name was Kendell, she was very beautiful and loveable. her stares were always charming, her eyes were filled with a black outline which was obviously natural. she learns to eat and pop in a good manner, she was well mannered and always cheerful. she never embarrassed me in front of people, she always listens to my call, whenever I call her name she comes right away. indeed she was the full package one could ever have, it's been countless days I am searching for her. I always looked up for her in markets, in the streets, but I am unable to find her.


I almost knock on every house door in the area, but it was all in vain, I am still hoping for her to come back. I announced even a prize for the one who can lead me to my KENDELL. I hope you all will pray for me and my cat Kendell. without her our home is not complete, my mother cry a lot for her too, I was worried for her too. These days are just unbearable and dreadful without her. I request you all to encourage me wholeheartedly so that I can search more for her. I am quite hopeful for that moment, I can't wait to hold her and love her.


she always used to sleep like this, oh Kendell I am missing you where are you, πŸ˜”

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