Social Media Powered by Blockchain - How Hive Works - Ecency & PeakD DApps

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Hive is a blockchain network forked from Steem that powers a very powerful set of dApps built as Social Media platforms for content creation, and curation.
It has a strong economic model with 65% of Hive coins mined after every block is produced are shared as rewards with content creators and content curators.

Hive coin and Hive Dollars (HBD) together stabilize the economy of the blockchain. Many dApps have their own coins, and if you use one dApp over another, you get paid those coins as rewards too apart from the Hive Tokens and HBD.

dApp = Decentralized App.​ - dApp as UI for Hive blockchain​ - dApp as UI for Hive blockchain​ - dApp with their on coin Leo, and their own DeFi platform ( that produces CUB (Binance Smart Chain ERC-20)​ - dApp as UI for Hive blockchain​ - dApp as UI for microblogging like Twitter
and many like​ for video content like youtube!

More videos will follow on this...
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