HIVE's short-term and long-term price prediction

All of ideas presented below are from my own point of view. I do not give out any recommendation for your choice.


Firstly, let see and predict BTC's price next months and years because BTC's price is always a strong influence to HIVE as well as to other tokens or coins's value.

Many crypto-traders have optimistical belief on new ATH price of BTC. They predict BTC will reach 100000$ -120000$ around this year or in the next year. However, looking back at charts, we can see that a strong pull-back correction may happen next weeks and months.

BTC will possibly test 45000$ within the next week. And it's even returning to 30000$-40000$ that may be seen on monthly chart.

In the past, it took 36 months to test BTC's ATH at 20000$ then breaking-out. If repeated, BTC will move below recent ATH for years and the price's range may be around 20000$-60000$.

For Hive, let look back its history.

Hive is on the way to retest 5000 satoshi within this year. That means if BTC stays within 20000$ - 60000$ as presented above, Hive's value will range within 1$-3$.

On Hive/USDT chart, we can hope Hive will retest 1$ before mid-August.

Based on the analysis above, no matter how BTC's price will change, Hive has great potential to retest 1$ within few months. It could even test 3$ this year if 1$ level easily broken-out.

For further run, Hive will possibly reach 10$, 100$, 1000$. In comparision with Theta's market capitalization, Hive hodlers could totally believe that will come soon.

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