Sneak peak at a new VC T'shirt

I was talking to our rollerblade team the other day and I put the idea out there to do a signature Tshirt for them. Where they can come up with a design idea and choose the artist to make the design a reality and the profits from the Tshirt sales will go to the team riders.

Paulie Haack and Adam Davidson were super keen on this idea!

So we got the ideas for the designs together and here is the first of the two Tshirt designs.

I'll start off with Paulie design.


Back in the day we had a Tshirt designed by my good mate Cam. The design was praying hands with a velvet couch script across the top. This was one of Paulies favourite designs so he wanted to redo this design.


Also Cam had tattooed Paulies half sleeve so this was the perfect fit.
Cam is an amazing artist! Check out his insta

Cam did the design with the quickness and emailed it through to me.


We are going to do this design as a black print on white shirts.



I did up a couple of test prints to send out to the guys so they can start filming for a edit and get some promo shots to market the design.



We are going to run these shirts as pre orders over at


Keep an eye out for the new shirts and help support our team riders!

Stay tuned for the Tshirt launch

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