STEEM Hard Fork, Hive, Has Been Successfully Launched

Does the Battle With Justin Sun End?

Justin Sun

The Hive is here, isn't it! not a Beyoncé fan, but a new Steem hard chain fork.
On March 20, 2020 at 5 pm EAT, the long-awaited fork of STEEM blockchain was launched by setting new precedencies throughout the delegated proof of ownership network (DPoS). The forks specifically aim to draw Justin Sun's control over the blockchain and develop new governance controls on the system. As expected, TRON and Justin Sun's biggest competitors, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum participated in "Battle for STEEM".... hard fork finished successfully

The Sun vs. STEEM community beef has long been made since the CEO of the TRON Foundation bought Steemit Inc., the largest decentralized application at STEEM. During the purchase, Sun acquired nearly 20% of the total STEEM tokens, dubbed "ninja-printed shares" which raised concerns throughout the community.

In an effort to 'protect' the blockchain - presumably out of Sun's control - the community initiated a soft branching that Sun responded to by working with major exchanges (Binance, Hobbies and Poloniex of their one's own) to stop the election. Earlier exchanges have apologized for using their customer's funds in voting and draw them. This made the two sides reach a dead end that prompted one of the top witnesses (like the miners in bitcoin), Blocktrades, to start a difficult omen - which at the time this article was published would be finished.

Vitalik offers support for hard forks

One of the biggest supporters of hardfork currently running is none other than Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and a constant mortal enemy of Justin Sun. In a tweet on Thusday, Vitalik showed his support for the Hive blockchain which called the move "a potential positive watershed in the history of blockchain."

Justin sun quickly responded to Vitalik in his comment comparing the HIVE-STEEM fork today is difficult to Ethereum hard forks with Ethereum Classic. In a banter tweet tweet writes,

"I watched closely if @ethclassic overtaking @ethereum would be a strong demonstration that decentralization and the irreversible quality of the blockchain really matter.😍”

The question

Is the battle with Justin over?

Although difficult, it seems that the battle for supremacy for STEEM control has just taken off because the community remains split in two. While a number of community members moved to a new fork, including STEEM's second largest dApp, Steampeak.

However, there are still sections of the public who see the current incident at STEEM as "a step to violate the personal sanctity of private property." Micah Zolta, one of those who opposed the hard fork, stated,

"Although I certainly do not agree with everything that Justin Sun did, the idea that" alright, we will only use this mechanism to take money from bad people "is exactly how civil deprivation begins and is now a governance tool in which there is a system used to rob people. "

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