I take You to The Candy Shop!

Hello everyone! Yesterday when I woke up, I did not think that such a fun day awaits me. 🙏👀😁
We finally met my best friend and her daughter. We went to Gorky Park. But an hour later, walking in such heat, we went to the children's complex.


I went to children's paradise yesterday!

photo_2021-06-26_14-01-47 (2).jpg

This is just crazy! If in my childhood I saw barrels of sweets - in five seconds I would already be inside! Half an hour later, the children bought sweets and ate them right away!



Walking with kids without McDonald's? No, this does not happen.

Such rare meetings are very important! Looking forward to my next bowling trip!
I hope you have a great and fun summer!

Thanks for attension!

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